The New Beggars

Not the face on the cover,

all plastic – all concept.

Dream girl – Beggar Lover

doomed from the outset.

You are on the way out.

Without – no place here.

At the top of the fast food chain.

Perception temporary.

Like crystal meth addiction coverage

and the latest rap feud.

Sold cocktails and new clothes,

working artists subdued.


Pre-production plastic person

never truly provide passion.

Scraped raw the cover girl,

as she gets on her knees

and sucks off the New Beggar.

Hottest story in the world.

Proposal of celebrity – emotional pandering.

Face transplant – enhanced with razor blades.

Conceive of this – the New Beggars are us.


Bought inspiration

from a dead junkie.

Think you entertain us;

we’d rather have you sell your ass,

your face cut with shards of glass.

Perjury for lyrics and messages,

surgery transforms you into the ideal.

Integrity not a concern for the real.

Stolen meaning does the job of the pain,

or the love or the death,

for the blood and the breath.

Can’t be bought, so we are blackmailed.

Punk rock -suck cock – front page female.

Not what we are,

there’s no art here.

Fucking rock star,

fake in your ear.


Can’t produce en masse – request commercials.

The real inspiration – real art near fatal.

Expression disastrous thus,

the New Beggars are us.

Fuck your concept bands,

stupid solos set to stolen songs.

Can’t wait ’til the drugs and age take their toll,

leave you looking like the thief and whore

you’ve been for so long.


HG – 2000-2005

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