Forget we ever met.

Draw the curtain down on this short time,

banish it from your mind.

Take the surer bet.

I’m sure in hindsight’s eyes

you’ll draw a blank an smile.

No need for this immature man,

as childish as anyone can – be.

No memory of this will set you free.

Hold on to your dreams,

put no faith in me.

False prophet – Lying lover

Erase me now.


Only broken glass,

misplaced anger

and abundant insecurity here.

Please waste no more thought,

could be, but I’m not.

Stifled year by year.

Living in fear.

Don’t stick around to notice

I have nothing in abundance,

just move on

and leave me alone.


Draw out each memory

like you would a snake’s venom.

These songs prove why you

would do well just to shed them.

My paradox and enigma is base,

so just go.

To a place far away from this face,

somewhere you don’t know

me at all – or ever have.

I promise you’ll be glad.


Forget me – you’ll love it – it’s easy – I’ve done it.


HG – 2000-2005

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