Truth & Beauty

Won’t dumb it down for the masses,

it’s not my problem if you don’t get it.

Dealt with promises and trespasses,

won’t be long before you forget it anyway.

These are the cards I’ll play

let you see the hand I’ve been dealt,

 so one day you can say,

“We understand how he felt.

Isn’t it a fucking tragedy?”


Artists starve, so take some courses,

help the greed-heads horde resources

rape the Earth – pimp the people

and all this while they say we’re equal.


You’d better fucking believe it.

It’s mind control and they need it,

to sell you on the same wars

-time and time again-

Buy the same shit from the same stores.

-time and time again-

Say you’re free while they close doors.

-time and time again-


Take the heart and the meaning,

make sure it don’t get through.

Place the expression of a race

on one pretty face;

everyone wants to think beauty is truth.

Reality can’t be bought and worn,

revolution don’t come in that form.

There’s a place inside each mind;

recognise what’s real.

Open your eyes wide and find

it’s not for mass appeal.


Pop music ain’t the truth – at fault!

Program robots by buying the youth.

Responsible for this abuse – adult!

We with the vision have something to lose,

if you want some kind of proof,

 listen to their message and tell me

-that beauty is truth-


HG – 2000-2005

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