Dead is The Memory of My Lover

Cold and unfeeling – dead eyes showing not,

touch like corpse skin – love becomes rot.

Given out all my life,

trust and good faith;

golden rule – must be nice,

seen the lies behind your face.


Will you want for more?

How do you hang on?

Drawing out a crippling pain

and share it with this lovely one.

She won’t hold me no more

above the jagged daggers.

Don’t lift me up off the floor,

sees the inherent danger.


Dream girl – unseen – don’t come in daylight.

My world – just one – darkens without night.

I have memories of

what was once called love.

Creeping meaning in,

purest love now sin.

Like the risen dead,

comes to me in dreams.

She is no more an angel,

just a demon in my head.


Hold close – like love – like blood,

this dead and holy vision.

The most potent cause,

never its only victim.

Her memory – must kill this piece of my mind.

It’s killing me – yeah, I will join her in time.


HG – 2000-2005

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