You Started a Fire…

A silent scream – immolation – inspiration,

instigate another situation – such damnation

is the core of this heart that’s beating.

No more pussified fucks defeating.

Can’t touch the soul that’s consumed by fire,

place my mind on the line – take it higher.


Confronted and cornered – I lash out.

Holding no knowledge – what I’m about.

No worth – no hope – no fear – just understanding.

Every boy and girl that’s ever been driven under,

Hold tight to each other – un-reprimanding,

live the life that’s in front of us – never wonder.

Fuck all the lies, like their love – so ambiguous.

The rage that burns – can’t take it away from us.


Given up on your school house lessons.

Fucked the family so full of tension.

Don’t want to make a fortune

for another soulless corporation.

Don’t belong to your social standard,

wear your logo like some fucking retard.


I’d rather burn than sell my soul.

This fire in me won’t be controlled.

You started a fire in me,

can’t tell me what to believe.

You started a fire in us,

can’t be extinguished, or flushed.

I’ll burn with or without.

This is what life’s all about.


You started a fire that you can’t control,

want us to buy into that lie with our souls.

Fuck that shit.

I won’t be a part of it.


HG – 2000-2005



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