Long nights and daydreams,

a mind stretching past

all sensation.

Pass off this consequence

as just one more aggravation

now annoying

this young man.

Out the heathen’s

healing hands.


God is not here – not there,

no face, no hope, no fear,

must find it otherwhere.


Hidden holiness

is rising to ridiculous,

so fucking obvious and diluted.

Told lies in confidence,

your eyes betrayed,

your mind polluted.

Up my mind made – to the horror.

Don’t hear – don’t speak – don’t love

unless it’s pure – hedonism.

Execute – corroded – impair

open your mouth and taste my wisdom.

Delicate reality shattered and smashed,

sensibility sensing our cheque has been cashed.


Otherwhere – not there

Don’t have it.

I don’t care.


Divinity sold as the pills your kids take,

the powders they smoke

and the dragons they chase.

I agree we’re all losing,

I know it’s all fake.

Where is the life?

All there is is the taste.

Defeated – unwound – too proud.

Meaning in loud and sound.


Dreaming – undead – don’t care

find my life otherwhere.

No hope – no face – no fear – no race

God is not here – some other place.


HG – 2000-2005

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