Fist Fuck

If I hold back the loving finger,

will you linger on and beg for more?

Twisted – you just ate your sister.

Grab a camera – lube and fist her.


Please me – forced out – moral high ground

Free drug fist fuck – fun to have around.


No difference to the abuse you were raised on.

The choice is yours – used to it now.

Pass the pipe – tap that ass

Tell me how you want it bad

enough to kill or steal for it.


How do you explain

a pleasure so depraved

to priests and parents, schools?

Taught to be a fool.


Hip-Hop – meth head – extacy – three in bed

Ketamine – crack smoke – sodomized and choked


Where are your manners?

Your decency?

You used to be so pretty.

Now you’re gone.

The accidental living

 of a life meant for the dead.

Now you know why they preach

moderation and family values;

while I eat your pussy

and push the dope button – born to be abused.


Please me – forced out – moral high ground.

Free drug fist fuck – fun to have around.


HG – 2000-2005

3 thoughts on “Fist Fuck

  1. Personally, glad you did publish it. It is shocking, powerful, and I had to read more than once. There is a lot going on in this piece, well done.

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