Perfect Medium

Wish that I could write in white

and describe to you this darkness,

dispel all this that divides us,

ignite this empty night.

Learn to sing with the voice of angels

and speak to you of Heaven,

using words of water

tell you of the ocean.

If only I could speak

as clear as thought,

you could know what I’ve been taught

and what I’m trying to forget.

A memory of painted pictures,

songs and sculpture,

life of letters;

open up my soul to you

and show you who I am.

Probably all for the best

that I am thus impeded

by the language

and the thinking of humanity.

No one should know more misery

there’s too much already.

One life ought to be enough for anybody,

but I’ll keep trying to expose,

open minds still closed

and perfect this crude communication.

I’ll use the medium

I have been given

describe my mind as best I can,

while I’m here I’ll use your tongue

and tell you of a man. (I am)


HG – 2000-2005

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