This Kind of Freedom

Another new beginning,

how nice that I get another chance to fuck it all up again

– I love that kind of freedom!


There’s no one gonna tell me that I took the hard path.

Made all the right moves and I still burned my bridges,

but that’s OK,

’cause if you were my friend

there was no fuckin’ bridge to begin with.

All those I know who aren’t full of shit,

we’re in this together and they fuckin’ know it.

No need to explain simple ideas,

like respect and compassion – shit that makes us human.


Yeah, I know I’m gonna get drunk, do drugs, fuck sluts

– and need some penicillin;

but I’ve got freedom people died for, might as well enjoy it!

I’m sure that there are days I will pay,

I’ve done it all before, I say

that’s a side effect of living this way.


I know it.

It’s our freedom.

Can’t take it – it’s not mine anyway.

Can’t exploit it – not worth anything to you,

but I’ll be damned if I won’t fight you for it!


I love this kind of freedom,

I want – don’t need a reason.

Born with this new beginning,

one more chance to exercise our right to choose.


HG – 2000-2005

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