Stream of Consciousness

Every day

another sun fades away

and there’s nothing I could say

to ever change it.

So it is with time,

it always has a mind of its own.

A rock in the water – immobile,

just being eaten away;

washed piece by piece to the ocean.




and sold,

until I’m so light

that I’ll finally float.

Drowning in the lack of meaning.

Nothing’s ugly when there’s no beauty.

Need to constipate this diuretic,

all this shit just flows right through me.

The world all looks grey

through eyes cold and decayed.

The heroes and beauty of truth

are all subjective anyway.

The real ones never stay.

Every day the sun fades away,

and I sleep

and I dream

and I die

and I wake.


HG – 2000-2005

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