Addict of Entropy

Found the strength down south,

had to drive the nail in

to make a promise I could keep.

Open the mind – close the mouth,

speaking no words it begins;

silence whining fucking sheep.


Yeah, so I got a problem…

I don’t see you falling all over yourself

to lend a hand.

Don’t judge this falsely!

Stay the fuck away from me!

I’ll keep doing it,

finding better ways.

Never asked for sympathy,

it’s all over your face.


Hope all you have had your discussions

and figured out what’s wrong with me,

but this I created for myself;

call me the addict of entropy.


Always just wanted (to be myself)

Never allowed.

Part of the problem.

Part of the crowd.

The self destruction,

the repercussions,

the hallowed empty,

perverted visions.


All I am asking is to let me die in peace,

so I can be resurrected,

free of disease.

Life purified through suicide

not pacified while I’m alive.

This is what life is to me,

stuck in your prison can’t see.


HG – 2000-2005

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