In Her

I will look beyond myself,

for the life she lives is hers,

just as potent as any of mine.

I wonder at how she fears

the biggest choices of her life,

I know the face she makes

is what she does her best to hide.


But there’s so much

that speaks directly to me,

the soundtrack in her head

sounds just like mine.

Does that smile in her eyes

meant for me,

the way it looks

seems oh, so close to my thoughts.

Does it mean to her, to me

the way it seems?

She doesn’t seems to lie.


I’m turning it over in my head,

holding a thought in my hands,

so different,

yet so familiar.

I will look beyond myself

to see the movement

behind all of her.

From direct, honest sarcasm,

to the darkest moments,

creeping on all over

the back of her mind.


If I’m as much myself as I am,

come to see what she is too.

So good to know I’m not alone.

I will look beyond

myself in her.


HG – 2000-2005

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