A Strange Find in My Notebook

Praise be to the solid ground that catches me;

though I might be dashed to pieces

against the rocks that ring the sea.

So it is I who praise

and let not any man give praise to Thee,

who rescinds all Thy gifts.

Hope shall not avail

to scorn, or whip, or send the wicked to their graves;

though neither shall it bear them up in a flood,

nor shelter them from rain, or wrath.

Healing shall be the hand of the King

and the fingers of those who truly follow Him

shall drip with power and not with blood.

Fear shall grip the nations of the Fallen

and the enemy of all that hope,

shall laugh as he sees his victory inevitable.

He will not see that he is chasing

all God’s children back into His arms.

The wolf shall become the shepherd.

The ground of such solidity only

can hold the weight of all the burdens

that mankind has held.

And on the rocks that ring the sea,

the enemy will watch the cleansing of the world approach

and he will wail with despair;

for the deceiver is allowed no true hope.


HG – 2000-2005

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