Hold it tight to your chest,

your black book of lies.

I’m sure that in another world

we’d all believe the same.

We all know there’s a little bit of bullshit

between all the faith-fucks;

steal what’s most precious,

twisted, defiled, pissed on.

Who died and forgot to take you with them?

Yeah,  oh, I know it’s so easy;

not thinking for yourself, I mean.

Sure, you’d be holy…

but are you human?


I don’t care for the over-praiser,

the ultra-brainwashed

and the elitist game.

Just kill each other off already,

or do what all your prophets told you

and be fucking quiet!

God knows I’m thankful

I’m not like you!



HG – 2001-2005

One thought on “Over-Praiser

  1. Some of these are hard to read and harder to retype and share. It is hard to imagine the person I was when I wrote some of this. Thankful to have survived.

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