Man Who Isn’t There

So she says I’m wasting,

she’s probably right.

There’s a moment when taking

is just not alright.

I respect her thinking,

she’s been here before

and now I’m not drinking,

get up off the floor.


Can I save myself?

Can I do right?

I’m sure I can,

just not tonight.

God, let me sleep,

so lay me down;

I’m hurting big time,

this time around.


Changes pain and giving in;

I’m strung out on shit again.

Climbing out of dirt and sin,

couldn’t do it without my friends.


“There’ll be light,

just don’t let yourself

go so far down.” She says.

The weight of one,

no longer fun.

she knows these dying days.


‘Cause she don’t need

no dying friend,

she left them on the East side,

so she lends me

the strength to see

I don’t need to be denied.


I’ll save myself,

I’ll be alright.

I know I will,

I’ll start tonight.

Friends got my back

and I got theirs;

no one needs a man

who isn’t there.


She knows it well,

I see she cares.

Don’t need no man,

who isn’t there.


HG – 2001-2005

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