A.M. Downside

A.M. Downside


Morning for the downside

starts in the afternoon

and I’m still sitting here;

eyes at half mast.

Those who pursue this way of life

know what it is I say,

ever driving,

dead inspired,

in the past.

Wired into existence

a quiet fool’s dignity.

Life lived on a razor blade,

on the edge of severing

my path to everything.

Slept the night with demons,

I still hear angels proclaim the morning.

Rise up now in fading life,

curious to see what today brings.


Crawling –      Legs broken, or merely forgotten

Towards –       what it is, I can’t say

My –                  Innocence, lifeless and rotten

Salvation –      Straight through darkness


Eyes open,


moments still fleeting

Haven of habit

heart is still beating.


Morning on the downside.

Now I know what all the talk is about.

It’s better for you if you never find out.

That it’s all as bad as they say.

They weren’t speaking figuratively.

I chase now my reasons

through the darker regions.

Pay the price daily,

it comes naturally.

I know you understand (yeah, right!)

feeling so alike.


Morning on the downside.

I doubt all exceptions,

resume my obsessions,

battle my addictions,

label my afflictions,

sharpen my expressions.


A.M. downside depression.


HG – 2001-2005

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