Of Brilliant Moments

I am more myself than ever,

back up on the horse again.

Seeing the endless possibilities

stretching out

like fields of stars before me.

I can see each individual moment

and where it leads.

My mind is ready

finished preparations,

for its purpose,

       its moment.

For every idea possible

is a human light,

waiting for its moment.

To become incandescent

and lend its light;

its pinhole brilliance,

to the sparks in the darkness.

Each light illuminating

a little more of the mystery,

another piece of this crazy puzzle;

this crazy reality

that we’re building.

A home, I hope,

               for our souls.

A place where every person’s moment

shines its brightest.

Each realization

           becomes radiant

                   feeding the glow

                             of a human searchlight.


HG – 1995-2000

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