I’m a little bit confused.

Can you help me

sort out what I feel?

Years have gone by

and still

the same things leave me wondering,

leave me grasping

at a memory

of what was really real.


Remember all the nights,

scared and lonely,


now where has all the pain gone?

Leaves me gasping

for a poison

that I used to exist on.



Make me fall in line,

with the work-a-day world

with the turning of time

– just another ant in the hive.

Never needing to wonder,

to question just why I’m alive.

There’s got to be something else.


Give me a suit

and a desk with a view,

a car and a family,

a stable existence in chaos.

In a world

where my only confusion

is life…


… hello?


HG – 1995-2000

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