Way Back When


oh, so long ago;

when what was wanted

fed the lust for life?

You and I

searched out each other,

sleep we’d seek,

under cover.

Waning want

conceals the deepest pain.

So it was

when we were,

now I’m left with burned out

images of her.

Make it want,

so it feels,

so it is,

now it’s in.

Simple minds indulging,

burning in their sin.

Striking my

name from the page.

We were young and wanted nothing more

than to be in each other’s arms.

The face that bred the voice

I fell into.

Times have past and I have changed

and so have you, in your own way.

I’m sure you’re doing well

I’m sure you’re doing well,

I hope you’re doing well,

but some part of me still misses you.


HG – 1995-2000

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