Expose Yourself

I have no protecting outer layer.

Exposed to the world as I am,

I remain.

This dissuades me not

to reach out to the world

and those around me

for the necessities;

human survival instinct.

Truth is abstract and ambiguous;

faith is so easy.

My hand above the flame will burn,

the sun will appear in the eastern sky

and disappear into the west,

and human beings

are infinitely capable

and usually predictable.

Sadness I feel,

unrealized potential

of many.

I don’t have to like it,

I don’t have to change it,

but I’ll be damned if anyone

tells me it’s right.

Free the humanity within.

Allow yourself to feel

to the fullest extent of your imaginings,

yet keep your most precious thought

closely guarded.

The open eye will never like all it sees.


HG – 1995-2000

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