The Thing About Nightmares…

I realize that I am attempting to recreate
a nightmare
that you once woke me from,
and I am both relieved
and terrified
at the same time.

That’s the problem
with the way dreams fade away;
and leave us vulnerable,
unprepared for their return.
We never really know
just how deeply
they have wormed their way
into our brains.
We think it’s all over
and we’re safe when our eyes are open,
but it turns out
we’re just making them come true.

Sometimes the choices we make,
are not the ones we think we’re making;
sometimes they’re something else.
Sometimes they’re something much worse;
a bad dream we thought we had left behind,
dead and buried and rotted away,
but it’s still there;
just a bit more putrefied,
but still as powerful.
Ready and waiting for us to come back
and say, “The world doesn’t know me like you do.”

Oh, it is an exquisite trap.
It closes so slowly,
its teeth feel like
smooth satin caressing soft inner skin;
before it pierces your heart
and takes your soul.

The thing about nightmares is…

we never really wake from the bad ones.

HG – 2016

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