No Destination


Not without a place to stay,

but without a place to go to.

No destination.

Life is lived until a point,

when what is there does not suffice

to sooth, comfort and make the world  loved.

No security.

No destination.

A place to go is needed;

to say the least, a world away.

My world, your world,

no difference.

Where to go?

No destination.

A place on high?

A kingdom where I rule?

A watered world or wonder?


Where to go?

No destination.

What is it I seek?


The love inside me.

The loss. Not there.

There are no passengers,

no tickets sold,

no one boards this train,

for it has

no destination.


HG – 1995-2000

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    1. Thank you. Putting this old collection on line makes me wonder if it’s worth it. Your comment shows me that it is. I appreciate it, a lot!

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