Last Goodbyes

Crawl my way up,

now it’s morning time.

Waking up sucks

when she doesn’t arrive.

It’s hard to awake

not knowing that

she’s in your arms.

Say goodnight,

to our intertwining fate.

Her love is slowly turning to hate.

No love on her tongue

and there’s tears in her eyes

and I fear that it’s time to say

our last goodbyes.

It hurts like parting flesh and bone,

never dreamed how close we’ve grown.

Branch of a plant, cut for a clone;

now grow apart,

each on its own.

Wind up my mind and reach deep inside,

for the strength to let go, or let it all ride;

on the faith that true love is all distance aside.

Wave to my friends

as they say their last goodbyes.

Wave to my lovers

as I say my last goodbyes.

I’m afraid that it’s time to say

our last goodbyes.


HG – 1995-2000

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