Man of the World

Crazy fall

twisting in

’round and ’round

the world caves in.

Step away to see clearly

what we’ve made.

Setting traps,

running sap.

All I do is sit and wonder.

Man of the world;

have I seen it all?

Have I known it all?

If I have, then shoot me now.

Man of the world;

I’ll never stop learning.

Man of the world;

his face twists into a smile,

’cause the lesson taught

is worth the lesson learned.

In the dark

he cries.

Sees them,

but he cannot save them.

Each person picks her own;

It’s better just to leave them,

than believe them.

He sways in wind like dry leaves blow,

he knows that he will never know.

If I learn it all then kill me now.

Man of the world;

does the sunshine feel different?

Man of the world;

does the shit always stay the same?

Man of the world;

are you the hero we’ve been looking for?

Our Christ to crucify

and call our own?

Man of the world?


HG 1995-2000

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