Achieving Vertex

When I grow up,
I want to be an unstoppable force of nature.
A high tide of human potential,
irrepressible and without boundary.
Slipping even the bonds of my own doubts
and confounding my critics
with the fervor by which they speak my name.

I want to kill mediocrity.
I want to drive a wooden stake
deep into the heart of procrastination,
sever the head of laziness
and raze every patch of Earth
that has ever felt the footsteps of compromise.
I want to salt the soil of my own heart,
that no seed of fear may find purchase.
Let the crucible be my only refuge,
a place where the fire in my soul
is rekindled each day.

Let my love know no horizons.
I want to know the universe intimately,
to move between each atom of Creation
like a native of all places and nowhere.
My soul should touch each person I encounter
without trepidation, or reluctance,
that they too might know
they can bare themselves fearlessly,
make love endlessly,
endure eternally.
I want to shine like an evening star,
guiding lost souls home.

I wish to be just and know kindness.
I want to be Carbon, Silicon and Hydrogen,
a part of all things.
I want to expand to fill the space that I am in,
to be formless, shapeless and infinite,
for if I were made in the image of God,
then every limit placed on me has been fabricated.
Every thought a chain
and every expectation a noose about my neck.
If I am to exist,
I must know all of existence.
I want to know that I took this brief life to its limits,
and then pushed past them.

I was not made to be diminished,
I was born limitless.

HG – 2015

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