Seasonal Depression and Annoyingly Nice Days

Sometimes I hide from the sunshine.
Sure, I feel guilty,
like I am squandering away some precious gift.
This only serves to further fuel
my desire for darkness.
Sunny days don’t always match my mood,
but I love inclement weather.
Rain is acquiescent.
You can feel however you want during a thunderstorm,
guilt free.
Even blizzards don’t arrive with a burden
of expectation.
Only the sun, it seems
demands compliance.
“Why are you inside on such a nice day?”
Guilt trips from the sun worshippers
and their pushy, hot deity.
It’s not as if I don’t enjoy a nice day,
I just don’t appreciate the pretentiousness.
I get it.
You’re beautiful.
Now let me read my book.

HG – 2015

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