Pieces of An Old Memory

I, might have been wrong,

you see, yesterday’s still with me.

Old, broken sad songs,

sung by the light in the street.


Come back to me all you memories let go

I don’t need to try, I remember you anyway.

Some things they die and others they grow,

but love like this, it stays the same.


Hey now,

how do you know she don’t miss you,

but it’s pain in her heart

she remembers?

Why you?

The selfishness retrospect

cuts away pieces of thought.

Memories, are all I have left of her,

balanced abuse with my heart.

She sees some little piece of me,

of her I’m now just a part.


Just a piece of the past,

and old shattered glass,

love soon forgotten

old fruit gone rotten.

A game with no pieces,

a doll with no head,

an angel gone crazy,

a boy with no friend.


HG – 1995-2000

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