Cold Hearts and Hot Wars

Waterboard and chill,

friendly bouts of coercion

into shame liking,

that keeps stress pumping

through ragged arteries.

Corroded bath salt breakdowns,

precipitate luxury vacation seizures.

Comfort slips smooth leather straps

around our wrists and necks.

Avarice climaxes in agony,

eyes roll wildly in real panic

when it sets in that our safe word

is “Yes”.

Ad trackers indicate

a healthy appetite

for drone bombs,

white Phosphorous

high cholesterol clusters.

Genetically modified martyrs,

low fat and high speed

plastic lightsaber warriors.

Disarmed and disinterested,

charmed by the wide field charisma

customizing the nature of our suffering.

The slightest resistance

reveals that the hands around our throats

are ours,

and the voices of our captors

curiously reverberate off our own bones.

HG – 2015

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