Every Little Thing

Hopefully, you’ll never concede yourself again,

deceive yourself again,

trade away your friends.

Pure calm comfort for another one night stand,

like I know you can.


Lessons learned just like a teacher taught today,

takes my friend away,

like a song unplayed.

Will acts never reflect what we say?

Colors turned to grey.


And you see every little thing,

’cause your palace is built on pain.

And you feel every little shake

of your heart,

of your soul,

of your will,

as it breaks.


Conscious choices never seem so simple,

as the ones that feel destiny on line.

Easier than being “Oh, so lonely.”

Never change the world,

just change your mind.


Can’t deny you settled down, sedated.

Fell into the cycle of the jaded.

Ever wonder if you should have waited?


And you’re trading all your grace away,

stamped so plain on your face today.

And I see you lay down in the end.

Beneath you, not for you,

not in you, my friend.


HG – 1995-2000

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