Bad Angel!

Spike the cold caffeine,

overdose with really bad angels

on dried up nicotine,

slowly freezing moments

for later recreation.

Slide me another minute,

Time addictions hurt the most.

So does being in it,

when it turns to dust

and takes you with it.

Think thoughts bigger

than you could ever

want to think to be.

Feel the water

flow in through the

love and honesty.

Kill the morning

of the meaning,

must evolve

instead of dying.

Speak so I can hear you,

think out loud to me.

Must be thinking something,

never honest nothing,

we’re all blessed with emotions.

Hope for healing sleep to come,

rehabilitate these angel’s minds,

to see we all are fallen ones

letting it all in.


-Feeling is living and living is dying-


HG – 1995-2000

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