Caught in Dreams

Comes to me in dreams

leaves me by the time.

I wonder waiting so,

if it’s real

or if it’s only thinking.

Moving motion on

as night burns into dawn,

still I’m asking why

I see it in my mind.

Never found an answer

for the questions that I’m asking

just keep asking more and more.

Is it really real,

or do I only feel

like I’m losing more and more?

I’m caught in dreams

Wide awake

seeing my face

walking away.

Caught in dreams.

She holds me like the water

just like a lover

that I’ve never met before.

If it’s real

these things that I feel

am I merely delusional?

I’m caught in dreams

Wide awake

see her face

walking away

Caught in dreams.


HG – 1995-2000

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