I see this holy place above me,

though for me I sit around the fire,

watching the sparks fly.

As all the world seeks without

the inner meaning;

conjures, conjectures

and generally does nothing.

Beside the ocean

where the trees meet the beaches,

the distances between us

seem enormous.

The likelihood of universality

is but sparks in the wind,

or stars scattered across the heavens.

I feel at home alone,

the noise of humanity gone.

The sound of what was here before

takes me inside

and shows me paths,

new ways to live.

Living is the whole point

as far as I’m concerned.

One day,

we will  realize

that we are all but

dying embers beneath the sky,

beside the ocean,

within ourselves.

Our time is so short,

but together,

a bonfire to dispel the darkness.

HG – 1995-2000

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