You don’t have to,

but you will anyway.

It’s just the way you are.

Like the sun shine

when I’m ok with rain

I think of you and there you are.

I’m pretty sure that nothing I have done

qualifies me for a life with one

such as you,

you’re the whole world, it’s true.

Funny how I came from shitty places

I must have mumbled out some insane prayer

That God answered,

because He listens to the insane, I think.

So, He played a wonderful joke

and there you were!

Now, I feel inadequate.

No longer content just to die,

Something in me wants to be alive,

in a skin never more perfectly designed

to make war

and now God asks me to do more?

I hope He’s keeping score,

because He wasn’t before.

I am now the redux.

Version 2.0

I must have asked for you

and hit all the right notes.

You’re the sun when I’m OK with rain,

proof that God listens to the insane.

HG – 2015

One thought on “Redux

  1. This is the first piece that I have composed on WordPress. I didn’t feel rushed, or cluttered; just a way to while away the last bit of my Friday at work.

    And they said I’d never get paid to write!

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