The Odd Embrace

I have always loved the weird ones.

The strange ones,

who never marched with the masses,

for they only hear the beat of their own heart.

Labeled with a thousand derisions,

and beaten into shapes

that could not contain them.

Molds that were not only broken,

but vaporized.


I have always loved the scared ones.

The fearful ones,

who hide themselves in shadow

and fabricate masks of mediocrity

that seldom hides their brilliance.

Adopting the dark,

and befriending the abyss;

for it is better to be loved than understood.


I have always loved the damaged ones.

The train wrecks,

stumbling on in constant crisis,

smashed by their affections,

and their circumstances.

Knowing no safe harbor,

and doomed from the outset.

Wonderful tragedies in motion.


I have always loved the crazy ones.

The mad and asymmetrical,

attractive and inconceivable.

Existing in defiance of normal,

Transforming the world by proximity,

warping reality with their singularity.

Coloring the world with hues

from an unusual rainbow.


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