Love is a Surreptitious Thing …. (no, really!)

You can’t see me,

hiding there.

You see right through

my body, too.

Ethereal though

my gaze might be,

I still see you

and what you do.

It’s what you feel

that feeds my needs,

from shadowed alcoves

I perceive.

You’re empty, too

oh, so alone,

so in your heart

I’ll make my home.

Though sight unseen,

I can seduce

and crawl into

a thought or two.

So you’ll know me

and I’ll know you.

There will be one

where once were two.

After a while

I’ll wear your smile

and slip within

your perfect skin.

Eclipsing what

was once a you,

then there’ll be one

where once were two.

HG – 2015

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