Surge Protector

All the stimulants just depress the essence.

All these answers just leave unanswered questions

and I’m left with the impression

it’s not getting any better.

There’s no more high,

I’m already stuck on euphoria;

orgasms constantly,

everything’s glorious.

Nothing’s fulfilling,

the void just wants more of us;

clutching our senses,

as it tears at the core of us.

We couldn’t possibly be

any better connected.

We’ve perfected

the comfortable art of avoidance.

Instead of training to face confrontations,

we unfriend who annoys us,

like and share what destroys us.

We are self junkies.

So lost in these touch screens.

Technology effecting

our connection to everything.

I don’t think we’d do well

if the lights went out tonight.

We’d be like, “OMG!”

“It’s so dark!”

“I can’t see!”

“Or hear!”

“Or feel – anyone around me!”

It’s like we’re drowning in the deep,

and when we finally breach

the surface to breathe,

we’re bent beyond belief

and smashed against the reefs.

Still, I’ll never feel comfortable

calling other people sheep.

We are more than we have become.

It’s just a temporary downgrade.

We’re working the beta

through the new update.

You’ll have to log in,

to see what’s trending tomorrow.

If you survive the night

you’ll delight in the sorrow;

of the casualties.


have all been calculated

by algorithms.

Hidden by proxy

and that’s where you lost me;

in the middle of the midden.

Won’t someone think of the children.


HG – 2015

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