Into the Black

We are simple creatures

who complicate our fates;

begging for our betters

to ease what we have made.

Never has anything been done

that we have not begun,

our ends and our beginnings

as certain as the sun.

We yearn for love and comfort,

while we lust for ease and gain.

We cut ourselves for favor,

and complain about the pain.

We’re surrounded by others,

yet isolate ourselves,

until we’re desperate for company

and the silence overwhelms.

I am not any different than you.

You and I share more than we admit.

What wakes us every morning is a truth,

that couldn’t hold a candle to all this shit.

Stripped bare we are more

than when we are adorned.

We’ve watched the fools hand over jewels

to those who hoard,

and they’re ignored.

We’ve followed holy madmen off to war,

believed we’re saving big time at the store,

and fallen short of what we’re living for;

it has never mattered more.

That we all slow down,

take off our paper crowns,

they’re only getting heavy in the rain;

and here we go again.

Making my life mean something

is the hardest thing,

when I won’t lift a finger,

my pride and stubborn nature,

never drives, it only lingers;

as I procrastinate away another day.

Can’t bring myself to let it slip away,

and leave me exposed in my own lies,

my insufficient insecurities and vice.

It’s like my mind has been deceived,

that this light is what I need,

and I’m hiding in the darkness,

feeding on my grief.

So I might as well

stand naked before The Lord.

I’ll end up there anyway,

if I take Him at His word.

And know that His Grace will suffice;

wouldn’t it be nice.

I have complicated this life,

beyond recognition.

I think it’s an affliction,

we’re all taking.

So powerless we’ll be our own unmaking.

But, I’m done pushing myself past to breaking.

I’m getting off the line of attack,

preparing myself to fight back,

and I can’t do that,

with my eyes on the past.

I have chosen a narrow path,

because the company is few,

but it is true.

The rewards are rare,

but they are there.

When we forsake abuse

for the truth;

we step out of the world,

and into the blue,

and into the black;

there’s no turning back.


HG – 2015

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