I have smiled as summer rain shone,

casting the world in rainbow iridescence.

Beating upon thin roofs

a steady smack and rumble,

in time with some sacred part of my soul.

Feeding each green thing,

conducting a composition in compost,

home to worm and ant and beetle.

Where delicate shoots break the surface

to unfurl skyward,

and fight the inexorable pull of the Earth’s core.

One day to feed the beast of the field,

or the birds in the air.

A rich feast of taste and texture,

scent, color and form unfettered;

blossoming inspiration and infusing metaphor.

Fertility symbols fed from the heavens.

On some hot summer afternoons,

the heat finally breaks

and the sky cracks wide open.

Static energy snaps through towering columns,

blowing a herald’s call;

the arrival of the life giver.

HG – 2015

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