Temporary Insanity is Temporary

And these things too shall pass.

The empty pit inside,

loneliness and fear,

when darkness finds us without comfort,

soon the dawn draws near.

When vexed by situations

of our own creation,

we can rest in meditation

‘till the way forward is clear.

All that’s required of us is to persevere.

And all suffering shall to come to an end,

for it is appointed for mankind once to die.

That there shall be no torment that extends

into eternal moments where we lie.

For outward as the stars explode asunder,

so we too must reach beyond ourselves

and wonder just what kind of sky we’re under,

that fascination curious propels.

As sure as we stand ‘twixt heaven and hell.

With every opening of our eyes we make the world.

Perceiving creation as it unfolds

in ways we cannot possibly control,

so we must be content with our role.

As centers of the universe

who burn away to soon,

as victors on the battlefield

who mourn their mortal wounds.

We’re fixtures in the lives of those we love,

but we’re all doomed.

We’re shooting for the stars and hit the moon.

And soon all of these words will come to pass

and start a wildfire in the grass.

For no thing made shall be left in the path

of morning as it comes in hot and fast.

You can bet your ass.

HG – 2015

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