Light Switch

I have nurtured every wicked thing within me.

I have left my soul

wretched, drown and empty.

Followed modern men into the future,

fumbling for the light switch.

I am faded if I look behind me.

Dead, if I am presently

’cause I’m not how I ought to be,

but the dark is always there.

To illuminate…

To confound…

To raise you up…

Please come down…

This severed thing…

is clinging to…

Killing me…

Killing you.


Am I good enough to learn this lesson?


Am I ready yet to ask the question?


Will I ever be able to move

faster than evolution wants me to?


I’m not afraid,

but I should be.

I guess for me

the time is long overdue.

If we’re used inappropriately

we void our warranty,

and can’t be returned

for something new.


Can I bleed with you

a little while?

Can I just sit here

and watch you smile?

Or do we have to return

to burn?

Will we ever learn?


I’m desperately grasping

in the dark

for the light switch.

I’m blind to which

would lead me home

and I don’t want to live in the dark – alone.


When the lights come on

it really hurts your eyes.



HG – 2008

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