I’ll take care of you.
I will shelter you
when you need me to.
I won’t hinder you.
I will nurture you
and I will improve
every day
in some little way.

All the care you’ve shown,
more than I’ve ever known.
Seen how far you’d go,
made me feel at home,
in a world that was
just a grave to me
you’ve been waiting for
me so patiently.

I’ll be what you need,
because you deserve
to be free to be
and believe these words;
that the war I fight
with those parts of me
will now soon be won,
You’re my victory.

And I will never leave,
I will never stray,
because I don’t exist.
You made me this way.
I am not now
what I ever was
I am new for you
every day because,
you believe in me
with such blinding faith
that I couldn’t fail,
I just had to change.
And I’ll always be
just what you need.
I’ll never give up
You’re my victory.

HG – 2015

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