When We Smile Tears

How can you smile with that torn up heart?

Do you see more than we can see?

Is there more to be found

than the cold, cold ground

at the edge of the deep blue sea?


Have you heard some tell tall tales from the west,

how Fortune, she favours the brave?

Or how you can win with a wink and a grin

much more than you ever could save?


Have you turned your head

from the sounds we dread,

’cause there’s songs to be sung to the sun?

For the wail and the frown

won’t ever drown down

like a friend and a bottle of rum. (or two!)


If we all go mad can we have what you have?

There’s a look in your eye that gleams,

like the morning sun beams in through the trees

and makes tears disappear in the breeze.


Can we still laugh loud with our heavy hearts?

Can we dance in the rain like fools?

You look like the type who does what he wants

and might make all his own rules. (then break them!)


If it ever be said that we’re better off dead,

then we’d best hope we’ve lived with a shout;

for the men who gave more

than they took

at the end of the book

are our heroes,

no doubt.


In loving memory of my uncle,

Mark Voyer

Rest easy, big guy.


HG – 2015

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