Can I see the horizon from here?

How far is it to the ocean?

I’m not sure which way is home,

just know I have to get moving.

There’s commotion

in their perfect little boxes,

like future caskets

waiting to fulfill their purpose;

mandibles wet with anticipation.

So I set out,

in a direction somewhere

between silence and confusion.

Hoping that if either choice is wrong……..

I can take the other.

But that will not satisfy.

I know where the road lies.

Just unconvinced of my directions;

gleaned from the stammering lips of

fear mongers and jaundiced freedom fighters.

I’m sure of both uncertainties.

They say when you are lost,

you should stay where you are.

Start a fire and hope

someone comes looking.

I’m not lost, but I’ll start a fire anyway.

DR – 2008

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