I would ressurrect a happier time if I could,
but I cannot.

I would tell you “Everything’s gonna be alright.”
if I could promise it.

The hazards that come with the flood, I’m managing
not to scrape my feet on the ceiling.

If I could take your place and all your pain,
I would,
but it’s a “No Tradesies” kinda world we’re in.

The staggered tounge when a kind word is needed
is the best that I can hope to give.

Thank God I don’t have to make the judgement.
I’m unqualified for what I’m in as it is.

A simpler time might fit this simple mind
a little closer.
Instead I don a complicated robe and wither.

There are no songs to be sung inside the fire.
There are no lovers left to forsake
now we’re done.

The end comes quicker than a message of misfortune
and I am left thinking “I came up so short.”
Sad, huh?

As a friend I’m at best a long lost one.
As a brother I’m estranged
and strangely bitter.
As a soldier I’m a coward
hiding behind the finest lines
procrastinating my own demise
for fear of failure.

If I could be there for you in any way I would.
Just let me know if you need a friend that’s broken.

DR – 2009

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