The Handshake

No way to conform it, every limitation is invented.
Try as we might to distort it, its potential can’t be prevented.
Its salvation is condemned, entered into its imminent
Evacuation – to a better place,
where it isn’t so hard to focus on the little things.

Life exists regardless of the limits,
that the sickest of our species would inflict.
For every rule that’s made, another contradicts.
It’s just another trick!
You better watch your six!

I know that I’m to blame for so much suffering and shame.
But I’ll leave just how I came,
not with a whimper, but a bang.
Do you know why it never makes sense?
Because it doesn’t make sense.
Meaning is put in by God; all the rest we invent.
So overconfident, ignorant and arrogant;
it’s a wonder we can comprehend innocence.

I guess that’s just the consequence for
what we choose to ignore
Trying to get our foot in the door
without a care for what lies on the other side;
and then we die.

Your responsibility is in the here and now.
The who, the what, the where, the why, the how.
The who is you, the what is life, the where is here.
The how is by any means necessary;
real life primary – all else secondary.
Duty to God, family, community.
Knowledge of self comes from spirit’s maturity.
When insecurity falls into obscurity
and all we have is the security of certainty.

It’s little wonder why we run around confused.
Here’s the weather with Ted, right after sports and news.
Stay tuned and we’ll give you your point of view.
Ya gotta know the handshake if you wanna know the truth.
You have to prove yourself to join the group.
We just hunger for abuse.

Falling for the okey doke every time
We know when it’s free and easy, that it’s just a lie
The devil has a million pick up lines.
But you’re the only one who decides your life.

I just want you to be who you were made to be.
Here’s an apology if you’ve mistaken me, for someone else.
I know I’m known for being a little taken with myself.

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